Brussels-Bruxelles, An Urban Journey

A film by Luc Jabon

The story of Brussels is told during a journey across boulevards, squares, alleys, urban space...
By making a heroine out of these streets, disco- vering those who tread upon them, work there, pass by, take a stroll there and give up their time to celebrate them or demonstrate on their behalf.

By immersing ourselves in certain districts of Brussels, in collaboration with informed speakers, reacquainting ourselves with the origin and past of these streets and examining the various changes and destruction that they have incurred and the current transformations and imagining what the future holds.

Streets are not just public roads that you drive along and use to get from A to B. They present a whole range of political, economic, urban, societal, cultural, poetic... and amusing issues.

To examine these issues is to show how much Brussels is changing and how today, citizens are managing to reclaim their urban space.

Fundamentally, when the streets are alive, the city comes alive.

Duration 76 min
Finishing year 2019
Language French
Subtitles Dutch & English

Image Cré

RTBF, Proximus, with the help of the Film and Audiovisual Centre of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation, with the support of the Region of Brussels-Capital, of the COCOF
French Community Commission, of la Promotion de Bruxelles at the Wallonia- Brussels Federation, of Tax Shelter of the Belgian Federal Government CASA KAFKA PICTURES MOVIE TAX SHELTER EMPOWERED BY BELFIUS and with the participation the Region of Brussels-Capital, of Films Commission

Luc Jabon

Michel Baudour




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